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Hospitality Assistant Hotel and Venue Sourcing Startup, May 2016 – September 2016, Part-time, Brussels, Belgium


E-hospitality – English/French Team

  • Systems : Intercom, Salesforce, Invoiciera
  • In charge of bookings, phone calls, invoicing, data and support

Global Account Manager Independent Trainee, Global Cynergies, LLC – Hotel and Venue Sourcing Freelance, November 2016 – March 2017, Brussels, Belgium


  • Assist clients when researching and sourcing for off-site meetings & events of any size, anywhere in the world
  • Building the RFP process to ensure all appropriate venues and special offers have been considered
  • Conduct extensive research using in-house technology, proprietary data & industry resources to determine which properties meet the needs and goals
  • Create and manage request for proposals to appropriate properties
  • Present available options in an easy to read report so planner can compare all pricing
  • Assist in negotiations to ensure the best overall value and contract provisions
  • Liaise with hotel through contract signature
  • Assist in transition to conference management after contract signature

”Delia was a Data & Support FR Agent with Book2Meet during her Master studies Management Science in Brussels. It was a pleasure to have Delia on my team. I could trust her with specific tasks to get the job done in this very challenging and fast-paced start-up environment. She is joyous, social person and very eager to learn. Delia is also committed to contribute to the team and to find an appropriate solution for our clients. I would be happy to recommend Delia to your team without hesitation.

Julie Peeters, Back office and HR Betcenter Group NV

”I admired Delia’s enthusiasm and determination when we worked together. She was in a new role, in another country yet she jumped right in. I’m sure she will succeed in whatever endeavors she takes up.”

Roger Stauffer, Director, Procurement and Sales Support at Global Cynergies, LLC