Ovidius University of Constanta is a public higher education institution in Constanţa, founded in 1961 as a Pedagogical Institute and transformed into a comprehensive university in 1990. The university offers bachelor’s degrees in over 90 programs, master’s degrees in over 80 programs and doctoral degrees in 8 fields of specialization.


  • Bachelor in Law 242 credits in Romanian
  • Class rank (graduation): the 5th out of 120 graduates, Final grade: 9.80/10
  • Monthly merit scholarship for good results awarded in all 4 years of studies
  • Title of final thesis (if applicable): “Falsifying of the official documents” in Criminal Law
  • Summer Internship at the Tribunal of Constanţa, Romania: August 2012, August 2013, August 2014 (for 56 hours/each time); tasks: Study cases, research files, analyze citations, gather information about famous criminal and civil law cases, attend court hearings, take notes during trials etc.
  • Course TRAINING DAY, certification in LEADERSHIP, by ELSA Constanţa, May 2013
  • Certificate of participation at the fifth edition of Scientific Session for Law students, “The Legal institutional reform in Romania. Analysis and projections”, May 2013
  • Certificate of participation at “The conflicts in Palestina and their legal regulation”, guest speaker, Jaber Ahmed, member of the Romanian- Arab Friendship Association Bucharest, Octomber 2013


  • Specialization: Economy of Commerce, Tourism and Services
  • Class rank (graduation): the 5th out of 79 graduates, Final grade: 10/10, Monthly merit scholarship
  • First prize, at the 10th Edition of the National Olympiad of Economics, 2015
  • First Prize, Startup Contest, project: SoSt Hub, 2015
  • The XVI Congress of Romanian Students, Bucharest, 16- 17 may 2014
  • Certificate of participation at the European Forum Conference, Constanţa, 21 may 2013
  • Certificate of participation at the National Conference, by POSDRU, Business Simulation (guaranteed career success), Constanţa, 28-30 june 2013
  • Certificate of obtaining very good results at the the National Conference, by POSDRU, Business Simulation (guaranteed career success), Constanţa, 28-30 june 2013
  • Certificate of participation in Scientific Communication Session for students, from Faculty of Economics Sciences, Ovidius University, Constanţa, forth Edition, April 2013


Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) is one of the top Public universities in Brussels, Belgium. It is ranked #=200 in QS Global World Rankings 2021.

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) originated from the French speaking Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), that was founded in 1834 by a Brussels’ lawyer with Flemish roots, Pierre-Théodore Verhaegen. The Faculty of Social Sciences and Solvay Business School is the largest faculty at VUB, organizing 7 bachelor programmes (2 in English) and 12 master programmes (6 in English) and 2 Postgraduates, both in English.

  • Msc (Master of Science) in Management Science 120 credits in English VUB & Solvay Business School
  • Dissertation: Disruptive business models and innovations, 15/20
  • Deputy Student Representative in the Faculty Council for MSC in Management Science, 2015 – 2016


The altMBA is an intensive, 4-week online workshop designed by Seth Godin for high-performing individuals who want to level up and lead.
The altMBA integrates cores topics including decision-making tree, operating under ambiguity, risk-taking, critical thinking, marketing, strategy, driving innovation, management etc.

  • alumna altMBA October 2018 with scholarship

”With her abilities, skills and dedication, Delia brings a strong contribution to any environment. Delia is a responsible person and was a committed student.”

Lecturer PHD and Expert at the Romanian Ombudsman Constanta territorial office, Madalina Botina