As a COO, I was in charge of:

  • Overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization
  • Responsible for planning, organization, and direction of the organization’s operations and programs.
  • Develops and implements consistent inventory and cost accounting policies, procedures, and operational reporting/metrics.
  • Oversees and reports on the organization’s results for board of directors.
  • Head of Operations, overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the network
  • Manage long-term program milestones and strategic objectives, establish benchmarks and metrics to evaluate staff and organizational performance
  • Play strategic role with the CEO in the oversight of the marketing and development
  • Leader of 3 teams of 10 people for 3 years in a row
  • Coordinator of the Consultative Meeting “Intercultural Learning in the educational approaches and practices of the European Youth Center”, 2018

Partnership obtained with the Council of Europe.

The consultative meeting sets out to discover and analyse different phases of the discourse on intercultural learning and non-formal education and the development of related educational practices in the past years till today, considering milestones such as the international youth year, the All different-All equal campaign, the Human Rights Education Youth Programme and the programme of study sessions organised at the European Youth Centre within. By discussing various approaches and understandings of intercultural learning in non-formal education today, the consultative meeting should lead to a synchronization about the relevance and understanding of intercultural learning today and result in the identification of areas for further exploration, research and exchange.


The consultative meeting explored past and current approaches towards intercultural learning and non-formal education, related educational practices and quality standards and their application in the activities at the European Youth Centre in order to define areas for future developments.

  • Lead Project manager of Global Internship Program: 2014 – 2017

The Global Online Internship Program is an internship program that occured during 1-2 months online / on-site.
Interns were recruited from more than 10 countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Pakistan, the USA, the UK, Germany, UAE, Hungary, Belgium.
The interns worked in different fields, such as: social media, research, public speaking, leadership.
The program involved more than 30 interns.
As a lead project manager, I was involved in: promotion, recruiting/ interviews, coordination of the activities of the interns, feedback.
Webinars were organized with great influencers such as: Sebastian Burduja, Eva Maria Olbers, Tudor Platon, Ghita Petrus.

  • Project Manager of International Educational Program Umang, Mentorship for Pakistani Youth

The following program had the purpose to teach English to Pakistani youth online, via skype, by collaborating with on-site volunteers from Pakistan.

  • Working with Harvard Alumnae Eva Maria Olbers for Afghani Women

Together with Eva, we succeeded to connect with Afghani Women and help them tips for how to build a CV.

  • Lead Project manager of ” Dare to Dream Dare to Learn” international educational program


“Dare to Dream, Dare to Learn” program is an international project, founded by me, together with other project managers, and intially in partnership with 5 International NGOs and Associations, having the aim to ensure and increase the quality of the youth projects developed within Europe.

The project started with consistent periodic conferences and trainings in Romania, designed as a continue formation for the participants, supporting the development of basic and transversal skills of youngsters in order to improve their skills and competences in implementing projects, their professionalism on the labor market and opportunities for employment.

The workshops/conferences/trainings were:

Youth active participation and European citizenship (13, 14 December 2013) – 90 participants
Public Speaking and Leadership Skills (1,2 July 2014) – 70 participants
Project Management and European Founds (8,9 November 2014) – 120 participants
The new direction of youth policies: Mediation and Debates (28 February -1 March 2015) – 100 participants
Hate fighters (25,26 July 2015) – 45 participants
The academy of leadership and personal development (7, 8 May 2016) – over 200 participants
Project Management and Business Communication (29,30 October 2016) – 200 participants
An important aspects of the courses is that there is no fee charged, as to give a real chance to people who do not afford to pay for these kind of events, from which they can gain new skills and knowledge. At the end of the conferences, the participants receive international certificates as not only to attest their knowledge, skills, but also to improve their CV.

The objectives:

  • To support the development and improvement of basic and transversal skills of youth leaders and youth workers;
  • To contribute to the social by fostering young people’s employment, entrepreneurial and management skills;
  • To develop basic and important skills of public speaking and leadership, multilingualism in all fields of education and training, using innovation, pedagogical and non-formal education tools
  • The project gives opportunity to young people and the ones involved in the youth file to develop new skills and competences.


  • Fundraising, PR, HR, Marketing, Advertising
  • Partnerships with the Council of Europe
  • Recruiting and on-boarding more than 15 volunteers throughout the years
  • Attracting partnerships with different NGOs, from different countries, such as Romania, Belgium, Bulgaria
  • Working with Agile Methodology
  • Creating websites or website content and writing press releases

I have had the honour of working under the supervision of Delia for the Summer Internship Program of Butterfly Dreamer Network on International Human Rights. I have found Delia to be very supportive – she always encourages new ideas and facilitates you to the best of her capacity. Although it was an online internship, Delia has always been there to help me and other internees with our concerns and queries. I have really enjoyed working with her, especially because she genuinely wants her supervises to get the best of both worlds. My understanding of the International Human Rights have increased because of the webinars she gave us. It was great working with her.

Shaheera Pesnani, Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities

Delia is my mentor and the coordinator of Butterfly Dreamer Network program, a program about human rights. Delia is providing us a lot information on human rights topics with webinars, power point presentations etc. She’s always available when I need her advice and her help. I am very happy to work with her since she is a really lovely, charming and inspiring person. She really inspires me to be more active and optimistic about the future. I have learned a lot of new things because of her.Some things that I admire the most about Delia is that she always tries to do good and help others. She always tries to find the solution to a problem. I also admire her hard work, she achieved so much at a very young age, her determination, enthusiasm and passion on what she does. I strongly recommend her.”

Eleni Kyrillou, SSC Operator at Unicars Ltd