• P.R. at United Nations Youth Association Constanta, Romania Length, April 2013- December 2013

The UN Youth Association of Romania is a NGO founded by students, whose main goals are to promote and encourage UN values and activities among the Romanian youth, the Romanian society, the regional and international community.
To achieve these goals, UNYARo organizes conferences, seminars, workshops, debates and simulations of decision-making committees of the UN and other international institutions, such as NATO, the European Union or international courts of justice.
The Association is also responsible for organizing the largest annual Model United Nations simulation in Romania – Bucharest International Student Model United Nations (BISMUN).

As a public relations coordinator, I had to promote U.N. events of the club in local region, make marketing campaigns for promoting events, organize different events with my colleagues etc.

  • Regional P.R. Manager at, October 2013- August 2015 is a peer-reviewed legal journal consisting of articles written on different legal issues and other relevant topics that address different needs of students.
The publication is part of a larger project, launched in Central and Eastern Europe, which aims to create a network of law-school students and alumni, as well as an informational database which would facilitate recruiting by potential employers, on the basis of each member’s profile and the articles they have written

I was a Regional PR Manager for the following issues of the magazine:

  • P.R. Internship at NGO Mare Nostrum, 1 February 2014-1 May 2014 (96 hours)


  • Write press releases and articles, promote events and campaigns,
  • Create a marketing plan for the NGO
  • Coreldraw, newsletter
  • Contribution to the game Marineopoly (English version) etc.

  • Marketing Internship at Chocolate Graphics, May 2014 (90 hours)


  • Understand more about the business (personalized chocolate)
  • Assisst the manager at general meetings
  • Analyze the marketing strategy, analyze the management of the firm, the organizational culture

  • Co-Founder A smile for Romania, July 2014- July 2018

A Smile for Romania is a campaign initiated by Delia Stamate, inspired by Mr Steve Jarding’s wisdom. As we all know and as Mr Steve Jarding, professor at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, highlighted at Aspire, the most powerful, yet so common facial expression all around the world is smiling. The campaign aims to improve Romania’s image inside as well as beyond its boundaries by sharing the thoughts of Romanians, embodied in the answers to the following question: WHY DOES ROMANIA MAKE YOU SMILE? We need one picture of your smile and your answer to this question. On 20 August 2015, Andreea Lucaci became the Design Editor of “A smile for Romania”.


  • Interim Director Communication & Public Relations – Freelancer, Online, September 2015 – May 2016


  • Administrator of Social Media accounts, Facebook and Linkedin
  • Public Relations / Press releases / Media / Events
  • Recruiting new members for the Communication Department
  • Developing Social Media strategy

  • International PR Manager at EGO Production, Freelancer, October 2016 – December 2016

Services: Branding / Graphic Design / Web Design


  • Currently developing an international portofolio of clients interested in our services
  • Administrator of Social Media Accounts / Social Media strategy
  • Working with Media Agencies for promotion / Press releases / Events