General certificates:

  • Certificate in Database Design and Programming with SQL, Oracle Academy, 2011
  • Certificate of Performances in Informatics, C++, 2011
  • ECDL Core Certificate/ Certificate ECDL, ECDL 4.0, 2011
  • Introduction to RPA, UI PATH, 2020
  • IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate, 2020

Badges and certificates from IBM part of IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Certification:

  • Cybersecurity Roles, Processes and Operating System securities, grade 89%
  • Cybersecurity Compliance, Framework and Security Administration, grade 90%
  • Introduction to cybersecurity tools and attacks, grade 83%
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence, grade 91%
  • Penetration Test, Incident Response and Forensics, grade 88%
  • Cybersecurity Capstone, Breach Response Case studies, grade 94%

Topics covered: CIA triad, Linux, Phython, key cybersecurity processes, Encryption, Pentest, Chryptography, Firewalls, IDS, IPS, Compliance, Frameworks, SQL injection, Incident Response methodologies, Forensics, Phishing, Vishung, Spear Phishing etc.

Testing – corporate environment – BNYM:

  • Bnym Brussels – 2017-2019 – occasional testing with the support team for corporate actions in the following systems: security master databases, Jira, and involved in the project of automation of the systems, by providing active solutions and write reports on how complex corporate actions events can be automated ( what fields, what information etc.) once they fed in into the system from the sub-custodians ; occasionally working closely with the support team when working on complex events regarding the impact on instructions and potential impact on the reversal of transactions