My name is Delia Cristiana Stamate and I created this website in order to connect with people.

I am Romanian, living in Belgium, Brussels since 2015.

I work as a consultant in the financial industry since 2021, after previous 4 years experience in banking. Also, I have experience in diplomacy, NGOs and startups.

Passionate about IT, AI, and from time to time, I give trainings in different subjects, using non-formal education methods.

Also, love reading, traveling and football.

Favorite movies: Le Samourai and Schindler’s list
Favorite songs: 2PAC ft. Phil Collins – Starin’ through my rear view and Jedi Mind Trick – Saviorself
Favorite TV series: Supernatural and The Wire
Favorite books: HB (written by me) and Master and Margarita by Bulgakov
Favorite drinks: Tea (camomille)
Favorite singers: Madonna and the Weeknd
Favorite bands: Guns’n’roses, Nirvana and Iris
Favorite football team: Liverpool and Atletico Madrid
Favorite football manager: Murinho, Simeone, Gordiola, Klopp, Bielsa