Number 17: Science fiction

Copyright @Delia C. Stamate 2022

The Earth told me
That Jupiter had whispered in its ear
How silly we are
To think
To drink
To meet
To cheat
To sleep
To weep
To eat and to
Live on repeat.

We are nothing more than dust in the wind
We are so small under the Sun’s and Moon’s reflection
In that ugly rusty battlefield
may we call it
Pandora’s imperfection.

We will become shadows of our own perception
No more meeting and cheating and drinking
Or thinking and sleeping and weeping
We will be just falling little stars
Blaming the Universe’s conception.

That’s when the Earth will whisper back
In Jupiter’s ear,
What causes the discontinuation:
Some souls still want to eat and live on repeat- the well-known 21st Century’s procrastination.

May we just call it, please,
Pandora’s imperfection.

Source: Unsplash

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