Number 4: Burning paradise

copyright @DCS 2020

I would paint the walls of Eden with your name
knowing that no sins would be ever committed in this doomed world.
The most beautiful garden
Composed only of your traits
Beautifully colored with your memories about humanity.

I would sleep inside these shining walls
Making my way to salvation
Taking the sadness from your face
Throwing it over my shoulder – the rainbow.

You, a madman, fighting for love
I, a wicked human, a mason’s heart
Reading the statements cast in the sky – the clouds.

I catch the train of faith at the station of
And when it reaches the final destination
I follow your Father’s wish

At Golgotha, being scared
You cannot look at me
But I can look at you and make a humble altar
With water lilies, wrapped in immortality.

Making you the king of this burning paradise – the world.

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